Don’t forget to pack your engineering essentials! 

Vince DePianta

Load rating engineer
Steel bridge judging is my jam. I'll be running the load test stations. Bridges!
Thursday, March 1

1:00pm CST

2:30pm CST

3:00pm CST

4:00pm CST

7:30pm CST

Friday, March 2

7:00am CST

7:20am CST

7:40am CST

8:00am CST

8:15am CST

8:30am CST

8:55am CST

9:25am CST

9:35am CST

9:45am CST

9:55am CST

10:05am CST

10:15am CST

10:25am CST

10:55am CST

11:05am CST

11:15am CST

11:25am CST

11:35am CST

12:05pm CST

12:15pm CST

12:25pm CST

12:35pm CST