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Chen Moore and Associates
Associate Engineer
Fort Lauderdale, FL
I am an Associate Engineer with Chen Moore and Associates. We are an Engineering and Landscape Architecture firm that works in Civil Engineering (water and utilities), Transportation, Environmental Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Irrigation Design, Construction Engineering and Inspection, and Geographic Information Systems. I am judging the Professional Paper Competition and I am helping with the timing of the Concrete Canoe Races. Come talk to me about anything!
Thursday, March 1

1:00pm CST

3:00pm CST

7:30pm CST

7:45pm CST

Friday, March 2

7:00am CST

7:30am CST

7:45am CST

8:00am CST

9:30am CST

9:40am CST

9:50am CST

10:00am CST

10:10am CST

10:25am CST

10:35am CST

10:50am CST

11:00am CST

11:10am CST

11:25am CST

11:35am CST

11:50am CST

12:00pm CST

1:30pm CST

1:40pm CST

1:50pm CST

2:05pm CST

2:15pm CST

2:40pm CST

3:05pm CST

8:00pm CST

Saturday, March 3

6:00am CST

7:45am CST

8:00am CST

10:00am CST

11:30am CST

12:00pm CST

1:00pm CST

2:00pm CST

6:15pm CST

6:30pm CST

8:30pm CST

9:30pm CST